Biospirals Method Training School

Discover Biospirals Chi Kung
-a new way with an ancient art
crt-picGrounding, calming and flowing, the Biospirals Method Chi Kung helps the body to relax and become more centred by emulating one of the most beautiful patterns in nature – the spiral.  Through the Biospirals movements we are able to reconnect with our bodies and enhance our natural energy – chi.

The Biospirals Chi Kung Method was developed by Master Franco Mescola at the Centro Ricerche Tai Chi in Venice and is the result of many years of study.  Debbie is now introducing it to the UK in conjunction with Gillian Reid – an experienced teacher at the Centro Ricerche Tai Chi who worked closely with Master Mescola for many years.

We are very excited about bringing this style of Chi Kung to the UK, and are now offering a fortnightly class to give you a chance to experience the Biospirals Chi Kung for yourself.

Upcoming class dates:  22 April, 6 May, 20 May, 3 June, 17 June.

Classes are open to all – whatever your level of experience or fitness.  Beginners are very welcome!

Cost: £14.00 per class
Venue: Broadwater Park Community Centre
Summers Road, Farncombe GU7 3BH

Contact Debbie for further details.

We will be launching our In-depth  Biospirals Method Training Programme comprising three modules run over 6 weekends in October 2017.  It is suitable for anyone who wishes to explore and develop their own Chi Kung practice; as well as for those interested in teaching the Biospirals Method.

Download the Programme brochure.
Download the booking form.

To find out more about the origins of the Biospirals Method, visit the Centro Ricerche Tai Chi website.

Are you interested in going further afield?  The Tai Chi Research Centre is holding its annual Tai Chi and Chi Kung conference 28 June-2 July.  Click here for further details.