Wakey wakey! – it’s the Year of the Rooster

roosterThe year of the Monkey has been a real roller-coaster… so will the Year of the Rooster offer some respite?  If you are hoping to pause and catch your breath, you’re going to be disappointed.  The Rooster is up at the crack of dawn,and this new year is not going to slip in softly.  We are already beginning to feel that the Monkey’s adventurous spirit and insatiable curiosity for new new projects and ideas have created a myriad of loose threads that have to be picked up and followed –  oh joy! more plate-spinning and another mile-long to-do list.

Trying to keep up with the inquisitive Monkey has left us feeling bogged down with trying to keep our daily lives on track – keeping appointments can be a challenge; and everything seems to require more effort and take more time than we can afford. Welcome to the Year of the yin Fire Rooster, and it’s going to contain both drama and productivity. The Rooster is an intense creature, imbued with focus and drive.  Things will move and develop rapidly during the year.

As Roosters are finicky, demanding creatures, we are going to need to stay organised, think through our actions, and don’t slack off.

The Rooster is king of the farmyard.  But he also tends the roost and feels a sense of responsibility for the flock that live there.  So we would do well to focus and lavish our attention on our own “farmyards” – local issues and projects close to our hearts.

This is a yin Fire year, so let your deeper heart lead the way.  Expand and open up to those you meet along the way.  Share your feelings about your experiences and listen to others and empathise as others share with you.  Be thoughtful about what’s in your heart and go with it.